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Thursday 23 June 2016

Beauty: KISS ME Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film (3rd Generation)

Some of you might have seen this photo on my Instagram. It's one of my current makeup fave, and for a good reason too! This is also the first time that I'm trying a Japanese brand mascara which I've heard are one of the best. That's right, it's the new & improved 3rd generation KISS ME Heroine Make Advanced Film Mascara - I chose mine in Volume & Curl for thicker, curlier lashes! 

If you think the packaging looks kinda anime-ish, it's because the inspiration behind KISS ME Heroine Make is to be as flawlessly beautiful at all times, through rain, sweat and tears, just like comic books' heroine. Those female characters always represent strength and beauty, something that you can easily achieve even in real life with the right makeup ;) I've heard so many goo things about this brand, mainly their eyeliner and mascara, but never gotten around to trying out Japanese beauty products as I tend to gravitate towards Western or Korean brands.. :p Really glad to be trying this out now!

KISS ME Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film is known as 'one of the best mascara with film-tubing technology'. It is waterproof and yet, can be easily removed with facial cleanser! Hard to believe, right? The mascara's formula has super thickening and volumising effects, thanks to the 2mm fibres in it. This brand new formula is effective against water & sebum - the old conventional film mascara was susceptible to water, which caused it to fade and flake off, but with the latest formula, you can expect the same results, BUT with sebum-proof ingredients that repel flaking!

Aside from the volume separate powder that gives the mascara its volumizing effects, the most important thing is still the MASCARA WAND. Don't you just love the pink gradient effect on the packaging, btw? KISS ME Heroine Make Mascara comes with a curved wand on the slightly larger side, to give you that all-day curled look. The mascara also contains ingredients that "lock-in" the moment and shape-memory polymer so that your lashes stay curled throughout the day. Sounds super high-tech. With added camelia oil, royal jelly extract, argan oil & wild rose oil (wild rose fruit extract), you can be sure that you are coating your lashes with the best eyelash essence ingredients that not only beautifies, but nourishes as well.

There's a tiny bit of technique involved when it comes to applying this mascara. First, you hold the curve of the brush as close as possible to the base of the lash. Give it a little wiggle back and forth then swipe off lightly to the tips. I like how easy it is to apply - the wand isn't too bulky and fits the shape of my eye perfectly. Even the hard-to-reach inner & outer corners and lower lashes can be touched up easily with the tip of the wand.

Now, I've always mentioned that my eye lashes are a bit weird, like my hair.. It just WON'T CURL. Or even if it does, the curl doesn't last long, which is why I'm quite specific when it comes to choosing mascaras. I'm surprised that my lashes did manage to curl upwards with just one coat of the KISS ME Heroine Make Mascara (I did curl my lashes beforehand with my Shu Uemura curler, of course). Even though it doesn't look too voluminous, another coat can be added to achieve the desired results. You can see just how light one coat is, it doesn't weigh down the lashes at all nor does it clump.

How both eyes look after a freshly-applied double-layer of the mascara. I'm pretty impressed by the wear-time too - it lasted me half a day and didn't flake off or smudge my undereye one bit! The curl was still good by the end of the day; my lashes are not floppy or just stick-straight like the effect other mascaras leave me with. I even napped for a good hour with the mascara on (I was too lazy to remove it ok), and it didn't leave any marks on my pillow nor cause my lashes to stick together XD Quite a tank product! Of course, it is advisable not to do more than two coats at once and remember to let it dry in between application if you wish to avoid clumping or sticky lashes.

I don't usually wear mascara on a daily basis because I dread the removal process. As with any waterproof mascara, removal can be a pain. I must say I was pretty intrigued by the fact that you can apparently wash off the mascara with just facial cleanser - no tugging, wiping, swiping with a soaked-up cotton pad with makeup remover oil? I put it to the test and can totally justify why I love this product. I used my Laneige Multi Foam Cleanser to wash off my makeup and.. VOILA, it works!! Just some water mixed with gentle rubbing in circular motions between my fingers and the film layer came right off. There were no black residue left on my undereye too! Of course, I would advice you to always do double-cleansing just to be sure and use an extra mild/ gentle cleanser or anything that goes near your eye area.

I can safely say now that the rumours about KISS ME products being fantastic and that the Japanese are amazing inventors are true. I might actually wear mascara more often now because of this product. For the price you pay, it's totally justifiable and does its job well!

What I love:
- Very lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down the lashes
- Curl stays up for a reasonable amount of time throughout the day
- Buildable
- Doesn't flake off, clump or smudge
- SOOO easy to remove!

What I don't:
- Doesn't seem to make the lashes as voluminous as I would like it to be with just one layer
- Top & bottom lashes tend to stick together if layers are not dried properly in between application
Price: RM49.90
Volume: 6g
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons & SaSa Malaysia outlets
For more information on KISS ME products, log on to:

Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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  1. Wow the result is good! And KISS ME's packaging always so pweeetty!!!


    1. Yea I was quite surprised that this mascara suits me too! :D


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