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Tuesday 7 June 2016

[Guest Post] 6 Trendy Hairstyles to Make You Look Years Younger

Aging scares women at times. But, it's also a beautiful process of life because it's a symbol that you've lived. And you know, you don't have to LOOK or act your age, as long as you're young at heart! So for the young-at-hearts out there, it's 2016 after all. Step out of your comfort zone to try new things! Here's some tips from my latest guest writer on how to look young & trendy with various timeless hairstyling tips!

Aging gracefully is not the same thing as just looking plain old…old. There are many ways to take care of yourself to age healthily and while looking great. Anti-aging creams, eating well, and exercising is all great examples of methods that help reduce signs of aging and keep you appearing and feeling young.

Another great way to look and feel younger? Style your hair with intention.

As simple as it is, the way you cut, color, and style your hair can effect both yours’ and others’ perception of your age and beauty. Use these trendy hairstyle tips to make you look years younger tastefully.

1. Think Sleek
When you are very young, sloppy hair can be cute. Simple styles like a thrown back pony tail or a little bed head make young people look like they are enjoying life. Once you’re well into adulthood, sloppy just looks sloppy. Likewise, long drab hairstyles left to themselves don’t look edgy when you’re older.

This does not mean that you need a perfect style with every hair in place to create a sleek look. Just find a haircut that looks put-together and mature. Short styles with texture are a great place to start.

2. Get Textured
Remember: drab and sloppy aren’t fashionable when you’ve matured. The tasteful texture is found in neat layers, loose waves, and natural-looking curls. Many short haircuts (and even pixie cuts) allow for easy, attractive texture. The texture distracts from wrinkles and other signs of aging while also making your hair interesting and eye-catching.

3. Add Bright Colors
Unless you have bright, youthful complexion, avoid dark and ashen dies in your later years. Avoid going too pale or blonde as well. This has the same effect- making your skin look duller, and your overall style looks bland.

At the same time, you don’t need a primary color like green or blue to grace your head to look young. In fact, “edgy” coloring can make it seem like you are trying way too hard to hide your age. Instead of bland or wild colors, just go for brighter tints.

Look for reds, shiny browns, golds, and even metallic grays or whites. Add these colors to complement your natural coloring. This is both tasteful and smart since the subtle brightness brings radiance to your overall look as well.

4. Lift It High
Long hair draws attention to the body and frames the whole face. Down-dos, likewise, angle toward the ground and your whole body. So, long hair and downward styles make people look at your aging body. They also highlight the parallel wrinkles developing on your face. Harsh, but true.

Choose haircuts and hairstyles that lift your face and draw attention to your eyes and your hair itself. For instance, wear your ponytail higher. When you pull half of your hair back, tease it to flow higher above your head and pin it up higher. Use bangs and face framing that make your eyes stand out. You can also ask for stylists to concentrate lighter or brighter colors higher in your hair to draw the eyes up, not down.

5. Go Shabby Chic
Sloppy and drab are just that. But shabby chic? That’s an art you need to master when it comes to hair styling. Let your hair be just a little bit messy. Slicked back, pin straight, tightly styled hair looks awkward on mature women.

Choose styles are chic. Think cute, face-framing, and eye-catching. Then, let the shabby in. Tease your hair a little. Let the curls fall loosely. Allow a strand or two to slip out gracefully. You will look younger, but still be age-appropriate in your style.

6. Work With What You Naturally Have
By the time you are well into adulthood, you should have an idea or two about your best features- including your best hair traits. For some people, it’s color. Others get compliments on their hair texture. Others get compliments on how their hair brings out their eyes.

Identify which of such qualities make you your beautiful self. Then, ask your hair stylist to accentuate them with the angles, layers, or colors they work into your look. For instance, ask for side swept bangs that will make your stunning cheekbones stand out. An experienced hair stylist will look at your features and know right where and how to cut to show those cheekbones off.

Bonus Tip: Ask Others’ Opinions
Being objective about your appearances is hard. Even stylists with decades of experience sometimes have trouble selecting their best hair style for looking younger. Plus, many people aren’t naturals when it comes to style.

So, ask. Talk to trusted loved ones to find out which features of yours they love best. Ask multiple stylists for their opinions on what will most effectively highlight your favorite features. Regardless of your age, you will always look your best when you are bringing out your best.


Author Bio
Meighan Sembrano has done her Mass Communication degree. In her free time, she likes to write about health, lifestyle fitness, glozine world news and beauty. She is an author at Consumer Health Digest since 2012. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Wow, don't you find these tips from pretty Meighan just helpful? I especially agree with #3 because even my mum can rock subtle red highlights at her age, how cool is that! Share this article if you think it's useful! :)

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