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Saturday 27 December 2014

Beauty: Introducing Corine de Farme Products

I was gifted this set of Corine de Farme products a while back but I never got around to introducing it. The brand may sound unfamiliar, but they've actually been around for decades! I felt that it's my duty to introduce you to some of their products, and if you're interested, please ask me for a more comprehensive review! :)

Corine de Farme belong to Sarbec Cosmetics, the first independent, family-owned French group that was founded over 35 years ago. Their goal is to bring a world of constant innovation and well-being with total security to their customers. All cosmetics, skincare, perfumes and wipes manufactured are formulated using all-natural and environmentally friendly products, following a strict quality control production from start to end. The company has been following the United Nations Global Compact since 2004 to sort out waste, reduce wastes and pollution and save energy, to name a few, in order to protect the environment.

Moisturising Care 24Hours Non-Stop Radiant Complexion
First up, I have this Moisturising Care 24Hours Non-Stop Radiant Complexion. Each packaging is labelled with its French name to show that it's 100% a product of France! It is free from paraben, colouring, alcohol and is hypoallergenic. The product has a 95% natural origin and the fragrance is without phtalate. The product promises to smooth out the skin, brighten it, strengthen free anti-radicals action and protects the skin from cutaneous ageing and photo-ageing by fighting oxidateive stress caused by exposure to UV rays. 

Your skin is aggresively exposed to the external environment everyday that the barrier weakens. This product can strenghten the natural defences and thanks to the moisturising booster from Camellia and vegetable glycerin, the skin is moisturised, smooth and your complexion is more even and luminous.

Ultra Nourising Care
This is a moisturiser that is of 98% natural origin. It is paraben-free, has no colouring and alcohol and is phenoxyethanol free while also being hypoallergenic. Enriched with ultra hydrating plant derivatives and other nutri-protective ingredients such as Karite butter, olive butter, calendula extract and vegetable glycerin, the product can actively repair, nourish and hydrate dry to very dry skin. It also acts as a barrier to protect against external irritants to provide up to 24 hours of hydration and relieves the sensation of tightness of the skin

To use, apply every morning and evening to a clean face and neck. It is non-greasy, non-sticky and the formula is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Radiant Complexion Make-Up Remover
Being 97% natural, this makeup remover can effectively remove waterproof and long-lasting makeup in just a swipe! It also has benefits like providing long-lasting moisture and is formulated to reduce risk of allergic reactions, making is suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin as it is so gentle.

Rose Water
Rose water of 99% natural origin is as pure as you can get! Rose water is basically used to gently remove remaining traces of cleanser or other impurities. Thanks to the extract of oriental rose (one of the oldest roses known) and bisbolol, it contains refreshing and soothing properties to gently remove impurities that your skin feels soft, soothing, clean and comfortable after each wash.

Micellar Make-Up Remover Lotion
Even Miss France approves of this product so you know how good it is! It is of 97% natural origin and is suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. Formulated with peony extract and enriched with surfactants, this makeup remover lotion is known for its toning properties. Micelles that trap impurities are formed on the face and will effectively remove makeup on your face, eyes and lips. It's light and gentle enough to use everyday, even for contact lens wearers. It also leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and mosturised without any stinging sensation or tightness.

If you are interested in any of these Corine de Farme products that are oh-so-natural and good for your whole family, you can log on to their website to find out more!


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