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Monday 15 December 2014

[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Why Shopping Online is Much Better Than Conventional Shopping

Hey extraordinary people! I am going to share something different today with all of you. For the first time ever, I have a guest writer on my blog who has lovingly curated this article to share with you on a topic close to my heart- shopping. Hehe. Her name is Sarah and she loves online shoppping as much as the next girl. With Christmas just around the corner and so much Christmas shopping to be done, make your life easier by shopping online! Not only do you get to get things done within the comfort of your home, sometimes you save more money too. Here are her top 5 reasons why online shopping is much better than conventional shopping!

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Internet today has become the world’s largest marketplace for shopping various products and services. It has transformed various aspects of life. Though, people still prefer to stop by the store and see the products, however the convenience and variety that online shopping offers cannot be beaten.

People all over the world are taking full advantage of online shopping along with businesses who consider internet to be a great platform to spread their operations across the globe. Even in Malaysia and Singapore, online shopping is gaining advantage as people are getting more choices to choose from and getting it delivered it at their doorstep with just a click. Here are a plethora of benefits that people get from online shopping:

One-Stop Shop for Fashion
Fashion is a wide area. All across the globe there are so many fashion artists that come up with new trends every now and then. Fashion is something that describes every man and woman. Women especially are crazy about the latest trends in fashion and are always looking for them in the retail stores. However, online shopping has now made it convenient for them to shop for their favourite brand. Fashion portals like Zalora and Lazada work towards bringing the latest fashion trends from across the world for the customers of Singapore and Malaysia.

Bonanza Deals
Online shopping along with variety also offers you great deals and prices on your purchases. The one thing that people look for the most is sale and discounts. Online shopping can be made affordable by using coupons and deals from portals like Groupon and Beeconomic. These portals and many more brings jaw dropping deals from different brands and companies so that you can get additional discounts on your final purchase and enjoy your shopping experience.

Brand Store
Internet is the biggest marketplace and it brings to you various national and internal brands at one place. You don't need to run from one store to another in search of your preferred brand; instead you can find them all online. These brands, be it fashion, consumer durables or industrial, offers you the latest products and services and guarantees you to deliver them to your doorstep.

Online Grocery and Food
Not only do Singaporeans and Malaysians enjoy the fashion or consumer durable products online but also food and groceries. There are many online food portals like Order Online or Food Panda which brings to you the delicious and scrumptious cuisines of your choice at your doorstep, freshly cooked. Not only do you find different variety of cuisines but also the necessary groceries that you require at your home for cooking.

Convenient and Saves Time
Malls and shopping complexes aren’t built nearby your residential area. They are situated at a distant place which could cause a problem when you need something urgently. Online shopping helps you save time by not travelling to such distant areas. Instead of travelling through the heavy traffic, you can conveniently from the comfort of your home order your purchase and get it delivered at your home with just a click. In addition to this you can save money using amazing offers and discounts from online retailers. Visit Savingmart for latest offers of various online stores.

I totally agree with all the reasons that Sarah has mentioned because online shopping not only offers more choices, but makes life that much more convenient with everything located just a mouseclick away. I hope you've enjoyed reading this guest post as much as I did! Share this if you think it's true! :)

Have a great day, people!


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