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Sunday 21 December 2014

Event/ Eats & Treats: AMPM Cafe, USJ Soft Launch

Happy Sunday! How's it going for you guys so far? Anyway, I realised I haven't blogged about food in a long time now. Well, here's another #throwback post from when I attended AMPM Cafe's private soft launch party :) This isn't a sponsored post, I'd just like to share some photos from that night of the beautiful decor, arts & crafts and of course, the food that I sampled. Mind you, it wasn't an official launch and just a private gathering so I have no idea how much the food costs ><

Spot AMPM Cafe just opposite The Main Place, USJ. The reason behind the name is because the owners hoped that it will be a place that is suitable for people to hang out from morn till night. Just look around at the decor. You'll feel a sense of belongingness and homeliness. Because as they say, home is truly where the heart is. You should totally read up on the cafe's description - I love how they so aptly put it!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any clear shots of the downstairs decor so here's some cakes to appease you :p

However, I did take some good shots of the second floor. You'll find that there are ample spaces in the cafe that is just great for groups of friends to chill or do their work. The use of wood and plants gives it a natural, earthy feel.

Of course you can't miss these graffitis on the wall. But don't touch them because they were painstakingly drawn with chalk by their artists. So cool!

There's also an outdoor non-smoking area for customers which is just as beautifully decorated.

They had props put out for us that night so of course we had to snap a few photos with 'em :p

With Reshma and Jess <3

There was a display of these bowls on the table downstairs. Curious, I went and take a look. Can you believe these are not real fishes?! They're just paintings with acrylics!

This painting costs about RM1K /jaw drops

Even the turtles have the correct shine and the protruding shell from out of the "water". This is too amazing for words. It must have taken the artist so much patience to do this! FYI, these pieces of art are up for sale but be prepared for the price stated hehe.

Totally adorbs paintings on rocks. I love the dog and panda one!

*.* Dat shitzu with the puppy eyes tho

Now for the food! Can I just say that these chocolate tarts are the BEST I'VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE?! I might be exaggerating but seriously, they are DAMN GOOD!

These were fresh from the oven. First bite, and the chocolate just oozed out. I wasn't prepared for it but oh my~ Just thinking of the warm, rich, dark chocolate is making me drool. The choc tastes like Nutella and isn't too sweet, just the way I like it. I still crave for this T.T If you guys ever see this in the cafe, PLEASE order it!!

Lemon cream tarts, which was a bit too sour for my liking :p

I have no idea what these are called, but they are chocolate cream on a scone, I think.

Mushroom bruschetta. These tasted good too! Very flavourful and leaves you wanting more.

Scrambled egg and sausage bruschetta, a favourite with kids, no doubt.

Ooh I loved this pasta too. It's like an aglio olio with loads of olive oil but it is quite spicy. There were chicken bits in it too to give the dish more texture.

Spaghetti bolognese. Very fresh tomato taste and lots of cheese!!

We also ordered a hot chocolate to share. I love drinks like these where you get to mix your own chocolate cube into the milk! Good for rainy days!

Check out this cake made entirely from fondant! It's 3D as well, which makes it all the more impressive :D

With Reshma (top photo), Kishya, Amelia, Jess and new friend Carmen!
Ending the night with some photos taken with the girls. Thank you for being such great company! Also, thank you AMPM Cafe for inviting us for the soft launch. It's a great place to hang out indeed, so do check it out if you have the chance!

Drop them a line to check out their crafts or unleash your creativity with them! There is also a space on the third floor available for hire for events. Do like them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. love the environment! n the acrylic paintings are really quite amazing!

    1. I agree! So much patience is needed for just one artwork!

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