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Sunday 28 December 2014

Health: Emgrain with Beetroot & Seaweed Collagen Oat Drink

With a busy schedule to keep up with, it's not always easy to get your dose of a healthy, balanced three meals a day. The modern day working people or even students now have an alternative choice to get their daily intake of nutrients - meal replacement drinks. It's quick, easy and satisfying.

Emgrain with Beetroot & Seaweed Collagen is an oat drink. Oat has been proven to lower blood cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease. I'm sure many girls would be attracted to the tagline, "Dump your Fats, Gain your Health"!

Why choose Emgrain?
 It contains a variety of vitamins to fulfil your daily intake
♥ Helps to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases
♥ Helps with cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar reduction
♥ Boosts metabolism rate and blood circulation
♥ Rejuvenates the skin to give off a radiant glow
♥ Sustain skin elastin and moisture retention
♥ Relieve PMS and menopausal malaise
♥ Suitable for vegetarians

Emgrain also has NO preservatives, NO colouring and NO trans fat. Emgrain has been approvd by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) and Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH).

The main ingredients are oat bran powder, imported oat powder, beetroot (from France), brown rice, soya lecithin, calcium, aquamin S and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12. The shelf life of this 500g bottle is . Once the container is opened, it is advisable to consume it within 3 months for better taste. The product should be stored in room temperature with no direct exposure to sun and should not be used to substitute any medicine to treat any conditions or diseases.

Each ingredient serves its own benefits like seaweed collagen (from England) contains aquamin which provides biavailable calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that are essential for maintaining healthy bones, digestive health & promote joint mobility.
Beetroot is my favourite vege! It is virtually fat-free, low in calories and contains betacyanin to help reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol and protect the artery walls to reduce risk of heart disease or stroke. It also contains folic acid for normal tissue growth and is a well-known antioxidant.
Calcium is crucial in maintaining bone strength and new bone growth. Not only that, it also helps the nervous system maintin proper pressure in your arteries and regulate heart rhythm & muscle functions.
Soya lecithin are derived during the processing of soy beans. Lecithin quickens fat breakdown, boost metabolism and prevent fat build-up in the walls of your heart, brain and arteries. Not only does it lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases, it also helps prevent memory loss.

The tub is pretty hard to open that I had to get my dad to open it for me. Once opened, there is another protective cover on top to keep the contents cool & dry. A spoon is also provided for easier measurements.

To prepare the drink, add 2 spoons (15g) of oat powder.

Add 250ml of lukewarm water. Preferably the ratio of hot to cold water should be 3:1. Surprisingly, the brown powder has now turned pink upon contact with water, due to the beetroot's colouring.

Stir or shake well before serving. I decided to use a shaker bottle because I find that it is easier in helping the powder dissolve. You can alwaays use a spoon to scoop out the undissolved powder at the bottom, which I find is quite yummy to eat haha.

Lovely in pink! The drink doesn't smell milky at all but instead smells like regular oats, with a slight hint of vegetable smell (again, this could be due to the beetroot). Do try to consume the drink ASAP cos it will tend to thicken due to the consistency of the seaweed collagen.

My verdict? I was never a fan of oat drinks or even Nestum or Horlicks. This drink has changed my perspective. It's not too sweet and has a pleasant smell. Doesn't taste "jelak" at all. I don't take breakfast normally, so this acts as a meal replacement or supplement drink for me. It's quite filling and lasts me a good 2-3 hours before lunch time. My dad has high cholesterol, I'm so going to introduce this drink to him as an alternative to normal oats drink!

You can purchase Emgrain from selected pharmacies in Johor Bahru at RM50 for a 500g bottle. Pretty reasonable if you ask me, as one bottle can last for about 3 weeks. I also spotted Emgrain being sold at a seafood restaurant I dined in during my recent trip to Desaru haha. You can also purchase the shaker from them.

For more information about the product and where to purchase, log on to:
Contact: +6017-4546008

Before I end, I'd just like to leave a silent prayer to those who were on board AirAsia QZ8501. Hoping and praying that the plane will be found soon and that the passengers and crew can all return safe and sound. It's always saddening to hear news like these :( It has been an unfortunate year for the aviation industry, but what we can do now is to stay strong. You'll never know what's going to happen the next moment, so cherish your life, your health everyday.


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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, it does not affect my thoughts in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary according to individual eating habits, amount of consumption and/ or other factors.

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