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Thursday 15 January 2015

Beauty: Wecomed Skin Centre CLAPS Facial Treatment

December was a crazy month for me and I was hardly at home cos we were travelling (albeit, around Malaysia) for most of the month. What with the being outdoors and an improper diet, my skin has taken for the worse when I came back. Thank goodness there is a new and revolutionary skin centre that just opened near my place who invited the Ma Cherie girls to test out their treatments!
P.S: Wordy post ahead!

Wecomed is the sister of the popular facial salon, Ido's Cosmoceutical. They have only launched for about a month but has garnered much popularity among the masses in JB, mainly because of its safe and effective skin treatment that uses machines to treat your skin. It is a four-step progress and it's all for only RM23! Can you believe it?!

The whole centre is very simple, clean and no-frills. That's Jeslyn, the PIC who invited us btw.

What makes Wecomed stand out is that this new Revolutionary CLAPS Treatment is SAFE. Meaning, it is Superb, Affordable, Fast and Effective on the skin. Don't believe me? Stay tuned for the rest of my post and see what a difference the treatment made to my skin in just 30 minutes! Believe me, this is the most unconventional facial I've ever tried and it's really super interesting! 

CLAPS stands for Combined Light & Aqua Peel System. Everything is done using the machines and no massaging and squeezing will be done during the process so your skin will not be injured. There is also no need for needles, surgery or pain because CLAPS is a fast & easy way of treating the skin. No downtime is needed and your face won't be red for long. You don't even need an hour for the whole treatment - just 30 minutes will do! Because it is done by machinery, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are not encouraged to undergo the CLAPS Treatment.

Wecomed also sells their own skincare and health products that are more affordable than retail as they are obtained directly from the manufacturers, thus cutting out the middleman fees.

Newspaper feature.

Before proceeding with the treatment, we were required to fill up a form and the beautician would carefully explain to us what machines and types of treatment will be used on us before we agreed to start. This also helps the beauticians to understand your skin type better to determine which type of treatment suits you more.

As you can see, the place may be small with only 3 rooms, but it is fully-equipped.

This is the waiting area for customers to wait for their friends, chill, and/or wait while their mask dries.

We were brought to the Self-Cleansing area to clean our faces. But first, we have to sanitize our hands.

This is the cleasing wipe that we have to prepare by ourselves before cleaning our faces. The sheet is compressed but all you have to do is open the packet, dump the ball into the cleasing solution and wait 1 minutes before removing it.

After the sheet has soaked up the cleansing solution, it's time to wipe our faces clean of makeup and residue. The beautician said that I don't have to wipe off my eyeliner and lipstick if I don't want to as those areas will not be affected during the treatment. But I still wiped it off anyway, as I'm used to being bare-faced while doing facial. Interesting, huh? Everything is almost DIY so the good thing is, you save more time. However, it also means that your face may not be as clean as if you were to go for a traditional facial? 

The beauticians will snap a photo of you before & after the treatment to see if there are any visible results and also for record-keeping.

This is one of the rooms that the treatment will be done in. Um, the bed reminds me of LV? Lol.

The machines that will be used on the face during the CLAPS Treatment. The machine uses light and peel technology to remove dead skin cells and give you brighter, cleaner skin. 

CLAPS Treatment mainly targets four types of skin problems - Acne, Pigment, Aging and Sensitivity. These are the different types of ampuoles used to target the different skin problems. Sometimes, only one type is used and sometimes a combination of ampuoles is needed to achieve maximum results.

For me, my treatment today will be to target Acne. I have been getting severe breakouts around my forehead and chin area, so hopefully the treatment will save my skin! 

Other products used during the treatment. So simplified and straightforward, compared to traditional facial!

I shall try and describe each step in detail so that you understand more about the process and benefits of the CLAPS Treatment.
P.S: I apologise in advance for graphic and gross photos ahead of my 'dirty' skin! ><
Photo credits to Eunice! Thanks for helping me snap so many pics of the process!

Step 1 - Aqua Peel
The first step helps to awaken the skin by using a "suction" machine to "suck" all the dead skin and dirt out. This is also known as the skin exfoliation process that helps to promote cell renewal. It is also this step that the ampuole is added.
Warning: This pulling process might hurt a little, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin like mine.

Is it weird that I liked it when the beautician works this machine on my nose, because I can feel the blackheads and whiteheads being sucked up? Haha. But seriously, you can already see a difference in the skin after the first step as the removal of dead skin cells has made my skin look brighter and feel cleaner.

 Step 2 - Cryo-Pulsed Light (CPL)
After that, some cooling gel is applied to my face as the light process emits heat and the cooling gel acts as an insulator to protect the skin against direct heat. A sheet is also used to protect the eyes from the bright red light.

This step helps to get new skin cells to resurface. It is an important step especially if you're looking to reduce pigments and/or acne and big pores!
To be honest, this process is quite uncomfortable and can be quite unsafe if your skin is not fully covered by the cooling gel. You can actually feel the heat, and it is very hot if not for the cooling gel. The light that radiates from the machine is so bright that even the beautician has to wear sunglasses while maneuvering it. Make sure you close your eyes!

 Step 3 - Deep Dermal Wave (DDW)
Deep Dermal Wave is used to stimulate the skin and tighten it. The machine is dragged along the sides of your face, pulling it upwards to give it a V-shaped facelift effect. This process also helps to control wrinkles
The machine feels kinda warm as well but not as much as the CPL machine. It feels like my face is being massaged!

After that, the cooling gel is wiped off in preparation for the final step.

Step 4 - Ultrasound
A calming serum is used with the last machine.

The ultrasound infuses the serum into the skin. The main benefits from this process is that it helps with whitening, anti-aging, preventing blemishes and is calming

The skin is patted gently to let the serum absorb.

 Step 5 - Perfect Mask
I know I said there's 4 steps but this step is also extremely important for the CLAPS Treatment. The perfect mask helps to protect the fragile skin after treatment. It locks in moisture and enhances suppleness of the skin. 

Let the mask sit for 10 minutes before removing. Meanwhile, take a selfie XD
Here's me with Edlyn.

A simplified version of the whole process. LOL.

After you're done, head over to the Skincare Buffet to use their skincare! So interesting right? You can even use as much as you want and the beauticians will explain to you which skincare is suitable for your skin type.

These are the items I used for my face. So much that I can't remember what are they.. Lol.

Well, are you excited to see the results? I turned off the beauty mode on my camera for this. Can see that the acne marks on my forehead has significantly reduced! My skin also looks more hydrated and even. It even feels so squeaky clean, a feeling that I like. The girls all said I looked fairer after the treatment, which I agree! No more dull skin, yay!

Brought my sis to try out the treatment the second time I'm back for follow up and this was the results on her face. Hers was targeting acne and sensitive skin. Her skin looks very obviously brighter too.

By the way, I contemplated very long if I should include this photo and I finally decided as I should as a disclaimer to my readers. I want to be honest with you. So here's the story. 
I went back to Wecomed a week later for my follow-up treatment. This time, my skin has been feeling extremely dry and itchy so we opted for the ampuoles for sensitive skin. After the first machine, I felt a sting on the right side of my face. I kept telling the beautician about it and she said it's normal, because my skin is dry. After the last step and before applying the mask, she applied some Regenerating Cream for me so that it would stop the pain. That did help but I still felt a sting when I was applying products at the Skincare Buffet table, but brushed it off.
That night when I went home, my bf suddenly noticed these marks on my face while we were FaceTiming. I got a shock! I looked like a cat with whiskers! So I asked Jeslyn if this was normal and the Wecomed supervisor called me the next day to ask about my condition. She explained that it's because my skin was too dry and the suction from the Aqua Peel machine caused it to leave some marks. This happens sometimes to customers with dry skin as well. I appreciate the after sales service though, as she called me back every few days to check if my skin has recovered. After applying the Regenerating Cream, the scars were gone in about 3-4 days. Phew!

Soooo.. My advice is, the treatment is great for other skintypes BUT do try to avoid it if you have dry and sensitive skin! The first treatment went so well for me. Honestly, I like that you get to customise each treatment you have according to your current skin condition. Of course, it's still best to play safe what with the treatment being done with new technology and all. Despite the temporary scars, I still think Wecomed's CLAPS Treatment is an effective treatment, especially if you're looking for brighter, cleaner skin on-the-go. You only need 45 minutes tops and you're out of there! Let's say you need to attend an event that night. Just go for CLAPS Treatment that afternoon, your skin will look brighter and without redness that no one will even know you just went for a facial.
 To me, the fact that customers get to be involved in a few of the steps makes them feel more appreciated as well. The staff are super friendly and kind too. I guess men like this treatment as well cos I saw two with their girlfriends during my second visit there. It is advised to go back for a follow-up treatment within 7-10 days for optimum results. Do remember to call and book an appointment before you go, they're getting quite popular and busy nowadays! Not to mention, the price point is so attractive. I mean, how many facials do you know that costs only RM23? Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!

Did I mention that Wecomed also lets the customer bring home a Soothing Gel Mask pack and a small tub of Regenerating Cream after each treatment? This pack is worth RM50, way more than what you paid for your treatment! The gel mask is to be applied the next few nights after treatment so as not to stimulate the skin and the cream helps to heal scars and redness quickly. Wecomed was generous enough to give us girls two bottles of their full-sized products for free too to incorporate into our daily skincare routine!

You can try out this same facial treatment for RM46 (four machines) and RM23 (two machines). Thank you, Wecomed for a fast, effective treatment that will change the way facials are for me now. :) 

For more details, log on to:
Address (Mount Austin Branch): 
G07, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin, 
81100, Johor Bahru.
(same row as Chatime)

(Century Garden Branch)
No. 174, Jalan Dato' Sulaiman,
Taman Abad, 
80250, Johor Bahru.

Tel: 012-7640955 (Taman Mount Austin) / 012-7340955 (Taman Century)
Other outlets: Taman Sutera (coming soon), Kulai (coming soon)


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