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Thursday 8 January 2015

Eats & Treats: B.E Cafe (Main Branch) @ Taman Molek [Part 2] [CLOSED]

UPDATE: This restaurant has ceased operations as of 2015. However, the review will remain on my blog as a form of reference for readers. The 2nd branch (found HERE) is still in operation. You ay visit the second branch for a similar menu as well. Thank you.

Hey, guys! I'm back with another food post from B.E Cafe! The last time, the Ma Cherie girls visited the newly opened branch and this time, the review will focus mainly on the main branch, also situated in Taman Molek. Click HERE if you haven't read my previous post!

It's hard to miss this brightly lit cafe, located directly below Molek Garden Hotel. It used to be operated by Just Want Cafe, in case you need any more references.  

B.E Cafe's iconic logo of a coffee cup swirl. 

For the smokers, there is an outdoor dining area as well.

The main items that will be reviewed this time round are the set lunch promotional items and some appetizers.

Baby Chino RM 7.90
Aren't they adorable? Can never stress enough how much I love the coffee art at B.E Cafe cos they're always surprising us with new designs! Check out my previous post on the full review!

Rose Latte RM 10.90 (H) | RM 12.90 (C)
Check out my previous post on the full review!

Hot Chocolate RM 12.90 (H) | RM 15.90 (C)
Taste-wise, there is a strong cocoa taste but is a bit too sweet when cooled. We girls still love this drink though. Previously I tried the citrus chocolate at the new branch, but I still preferred this as I don't really fancy orange-flavoured food or drinks.

Orange Juice RM 10.90
Freshly squeezed as you can still taste the pulp! There is also no sugar added so the sweetness and sourness level is just right.

Strawberry Smoothie RM 12.90
For me, this tastes just like ice-cream! Make sure you stir in the syrup well before drinking. Overall, the drink is quite sweet.


Earl Grey Tea RM 9.90

Atlantic Salmon Salad RM 19.90
I'm a fan of anything with salmon so needless to say, I loved this! Freshly cut Atlantic salmon is lightly grilled and smoked with Applewood, before laying it down on a bed of fresh greens and then topped with lemon dill dressing. I personally like vinaigrette or dill dressing on my salad as I find that it brings out the freshness of the vegetables. 

Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM 13.90
This isn't something you get to try everyday, as most restaurants specialises more in cream of mushroom soup. The fresh pumpkin is softened in chicken soup and then pureed to perfection. You can still taste some pumpkin bits and that's how you know it's really homemade! The soup is fragrant and not too sweet, so you don't feel too full after the end of it.

Classic Eggs Benedict RM 20.90
What's better than Eggs Benedict for breakfast? Eggs Benedict for lunch, tea and dinner! At B.E Cafe, breakfast food is served all-day! The perfectly poached egg is tender on the outside while the yolk still remains runny on the inside. The egg is then served with freshly baked English muffn and ham and then topped with buttery Hollandaise sauce. Best served hot.

See that yellow goodness flowing out :D

Mushroom Spaghetti Aglio Olio RM 16.50
Check out my previous post on the full review!

Wild Mushroom Rosti RM 18.90
I was surprised to find that B.E Cafe serves rosti. My favourite rosti can only be eaten at Marche Movenpick so I had high expectation of this! Rosti is basically Swiss-style sliced potato cooked with butter and served with sauteed button mushroom. For me, a good rosti shoule be crispy on the outside, firm when cut and yet still remains soft on the inside. This rosti is not salty enough to me so it is advised to accompany every bite with the sour cream and mushrooms. The rosti tends to fall apart easily when cut though. We all loved the mushrooms cooked with vinaigrette, a perfect accompaniment for the rosti!

Club Sandwich RM 15.90
One of B.E Cafe's signature dishes, the Club Sandwich. It is also known as the Clubhouse Sandwich. Ham, tomato, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and scrambled egg is served in between two slices of fresh daily baked and toasted bread. It is also served with fat fries to fill you up even more. I enjoyed this dish mainly because of the melted cheese and fluffy scrambled egg paired with crunchy bread.

Triple Royale Cake RM 9.90
The combination of chocolate cheese, creamy mascarpone cheese and soft chocolate cake makes this a sinful cake! Once you taste the richness and smoothness of the cake, you won't be able to stop!

Carrot Cake RM 9.90
The cake consists of shredded coconut and carrot fillings to give it an interesting texture. My overall impression of the cake is that it is very soft and crumbly. The cake itself is not too sweet but the cream cheese topping gives it that extra sweetness.

Granola RM 12.90
If you're looking for a healthier alternative for dessert, try the granola! It is similar to a parfait and has layers of dried cranberry, walnut and strawberry topped off with Greek yoghurt. The sourness of the Greek yoghurt is countered by the sweetness of the dried cranberry and strawberry while the granola bits gives it more crunch.

Vanilla Affogato RM 9.90
Check out my previous post on the full review!

Cold Brew RM 12.90
Ending the night with this cold brew which seems to be all the rage for coffee lovers now. The bitter, strong coffee taste is best drink to enjoy on a hot afternoon or an evening chilling with friends.

From left: Eunice, Princess, Edlyn, Audrey, Eryn, me, Lerler.
The Ma Cherie girls signing off!

Overall, my takeaway from the two food-tasting experiences is that while each branch serves almost the same food at the same standard, you can still enjoy certain differences. The main branch is more suitable for all-day dining and families while working adults and students might enjoy the new branch more as they serve quick and easy-to-go meals. Most of the food and drinks served are the same, maybe just presented or decorated differently. Both branches are unique in their own way and if you're a cafe-hopper, you should definitely check out B.E Cafe for kicks!

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Instagram: #becafe
Address (New Branch):
2, Jalan Molek 1/5C,
Taman Molek,
81100 JB.
(Below Molek Garden Hotel)
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 11.30pm


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Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal taste and preference after trying out the food and services.


  1. oh my! yummy overload! it made me hungry now :)) I love how cute their coffee is ♥_♥

    1. Me too! The coffee art is so attractive! :D And the food's pretty decent too.


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