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Thursday 1 January 2015

Community: Aid for Flood Victims @ TGV Cinemas

Happy New Year, everyone! It's a brand new year, which means another 365 blank pages to start afresh. What are some of your New Year Resolutions this year? I personally don't believe in making resolutions because people tend to change along the way. But I do hope that I have the determination and persistence to work hard, be more organised and to find a job that makes me happy (and hopefully can travel haha). Oh, also to break that bad habit of mine and drink more water XD

How did you guys spend you NYE celebration? I spent it having a huge dinner with my family then at a KTV with my bf and his friends. The fact that we get fresh water to drink and the chance to go out and celebrate on New Years' Eve is truly a blessing in itself. Some people in our country are not so fortunate. Even if you're not an avid newspaper reader, you must have heard the news of the floods that have been plaguing the East Coast the past month. This is my first post of the year and I thought it'd be apt to dedicate it to spreading the word in doing a charitable deed.

Every year end when the monsoon season is here, it always tends to flood but this year has been one of the worst. The victims have lost their houses, their belongings and have to live at evacuation centres with limited necessities. Lots of organisations and individuals have been kind enough to organise donations and aid for these flood victims.

TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia's leading multiplex cinema operators is encouraging their patrons to come together and support the flood victims. The CEO Mr Gerald V Dibbayawan states that this is a simple initiative for the organisation to work together with customers to give support to the less fortunate. Movie-goers are invited to contribute dry and ready-to-eat food (canned food), baby supplies (milk powder and diapers), bottled mineral water and sanitary pads to be sent to the East Coast for those affected by the floods.

Patrons who wish to donate can drop off these supplies at any nearest a TGV Cinemas in the Peninsular from 10am to 10pm. There is a bin at each cinema and you can simply drop off your donations there. Please remember to pack your items, seal it with masking tape and label the contents of the package to make it easier for sorting.

I was at TGV Aeon TC a few days ago and I noticed that many people expressed interest in the bin but not many are aware that they can actually do their part to help the flood victims. So, here I am trying to get the word out! My family and I will also be donating some preloved clothes, supplies and cash to these victims. Please try and help them if you can! It's always good to start the New Year by doing a good deed right? Gain more good karma points!

For more information or to contribute, do follow TGV Cinemas on their 
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  1. great! that's for a good cause! they got the donation boxes located at their cinema too!

    this is how you should order!


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