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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Ma Cherie Year-end Party!

I can't believe it's been a year since I've known the Ma Cherie girls. Some I knew later than other, but I love all of them just as much. To celebrate our newfound friendship and to celebrate our achievements throughtout the year, we had a Year-end Party/ gathering at Eryn's place last December. It was just a casual dinner, but filled with lots of fellowship and smiles :)

Oh and of course, it was a night filled with FOOD!

Photo credits to Ler

Photo credits to Ler
Hahaha thanks Ler for this 'chio' pic XD We decided on a potluck so each girl had to bring a dish of their own to the table. Everyone else prepared beforehand, but I was the only one who assembled my dish at the kitchen haha. Well, what else was I to do if I wanted fresh salad?

I used my aunt's recipe from Wie's Little Kitchen to prepare this fresh, spring salad with a homemade vinaigrette dressing. I chose to do a salad because a) we didn't have any vegetables for the potluck and b) erm, it's fast and simple to prepare :p
I used lettuce (just buy the prepacked salad vege from supermarket), cherry tomatoes, yellow capsicum (any colour will do), sunflower seeds for that extra bit of crunch and dried cranberry to add a little bit of sweetness. Not only is it colourful, it's super healthy and might I say, yummy too! 

Hawaiian Chicken and Seafood Lover pizza from Restaurant Lemon Tree, bought by Kim.

Eryn and Kelvin bought these succulent chicken wings from Hong Kong Boy hawker centre.

Eryn's mum who lives opposite also fried some vermicelli for us as the main dish!

Our favourite that night - Audrey's special recipe braised pork!

The sauce is super flavourful and goes well with the meehoon. The girls all joked that they were gonna take the lean meat and leave the fatty parts for me >< Just look at that juicy piece of meat! She braised it for 2 days so it's super tender by the time we had it. Thanks, Chef Aud! XD

Mama Jennifer cooked us dessert! It's white fungus, longan and wolfberry 'tong sui' and it just warms the tummy after a hearty meal.

Edlyn bakes us cookies for snacks. She purposely got these eggless raisin cookies so that Aud, who is allergic to egg, could eat it. So sweet hor!

Eunice used the whole afternoon to cook this cooling longan drink for us. It was still warm from the pot when she brought it over. Thanks, dear!

Oh and Ler brought us fruits too, but I didn't manage to take pictures. Sorry! ><

Bloggers being bloggers, we gathered around snapping pictures before we actually ate our food. Ah, so #asianatwork XD

From left: Eryn, Eunice, Audrey, Lerler, yours truly, Edlyn, Mr Bin!, Jennifer and Kim
Kelvin helped us snap a group pic before we started our feast. Btw, the theme of the night was FLORAL but most of the girls wore floral bottoms, so you couldn't really see it in the pic haha. I swear this is one of my favourite photos of us! Too bad Sin Yee, Cece and Sherlyn couldn't join us, else we could've a complete gathering! Really hope to have a full gathering for the 11 of us soon :)

Even Jen's son, Binbin, enjoyed the food so much! First he was eyeing the cherry tomatoes that I brought and then he became obsessed with Edlyn's homemade cookies. He kept turning the Lazy Susan (the spinning thing in the middle of dining tables, yes that's what it's called) and making sure that the cookies fell RIGHT in front of him before he was satisfied and sat down to eat. Everytime we turned the Lazy Susan, he stood up from his chair and stared at us until we turned the cookies back to his position. At one point, Kelvin hid the cookies and Binbin got so worried and glared at Kelvin XD Hahaha it was so funny!

Dear Isabelle who is just the softest, sweetest girl ever!

Our 'entertainment' of the night were definitely these two cuties. It's so adorable to see kids interacting! Binbin acted like the master of the house even though it was obviously Isabelle's territory. We couldn't stop laughing at their antics. Kids are so cute!

Sure hope we can have another gathering soon when everyone comes back to JB! CNY maybe? It'll be so much fun and this time, we definitely have to extend the party. Or perhaps a sleepover? It's funny. We're all of different ages and have different skills, yet we share a common interest which brought us together - blogging. This is one of the reasons why I love this hobby of mine - I get to make new friends everyday and learn new things from them. It was definitely a great end to a great year with these girls :)

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