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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Uptown Cafe Video Shoot with Infinete Loop Media

STOP! If you haven't watched this video, I strongly recommend that you click HERE to watch it now! If you have.. Well, here's just a little BTS experience from my first ever video-shooting experience :)

Being the narcissistic person that I am, let's start off with my OOTD? What I wore: 
Shigoto top from Twenty3
Floral skirt from Sungei Wang Plaza
Mary-Jane heels from Happy2u
Watch from Kate Spade, Shopbop
Wearing: miacare CONFiDENCE Contact Lenses

It's been a week since the release of the video and I know I'm slow for only blogging about it now oops. But anyway, better late than never right?

Uptown Cafe is a beautiful cafe situated at Taman Sutera Utama. It might be easy to give it a miss when you drive past as it's just a small shop (from the outside) but just look out for the brightly lit signboard. It's located the same row as Bob's Kitchen!

Uptown Cafe JB is an office & residential concept cafe that lets you enjoy your time there without any disturbance. There is even fax and photocopier services for freelancers to work while they enjoy their food and coffee at the cafe. How interesting is that? Just like the video, Uptown Cafe hopes to be there for all these moments so that you feel right at home.

I forgot to take a photo of the main entrance but this is the downstairs dining area and it's quite spacious and classy! Don't be fooled by the tiny entrance, the shop is huge inside, with two floors!

I assume there'll be live bands playing here on weekends :D

This is the upstairs dining section. It's just as spacious and has more comfy, cushioned sofas. Seems like a good place to enjoy high tea!

I love this view the most! So colourful!

We went upstairs to explore the cafe and went around taking photos haha. This is Princess acting cool :p

The crew from Infinete Loop hard at work to shoot the food first, before shooting our individual scenes.

FYI, Infinete Loop Media is based in Iskandar, JB and is well-known for helping businesses convert their ideas, products & services into engaging marketing videos by inviting local YouTubers, Instagrammers and Bloggers to join them in the process. After working with them, I find that the team is not only professional, but extremely friendly and kind as well as they are concerned about the casts' needs & well-being, even if the shoot is only for a few short hours. 

Just some of the food and drinks from Uptown Cafe that were used in the shoot. Confession: They were all gobbled up by the cast after that hahaha. Too bad the food got cold after the shoot. I am so going back again to try the food and cakes!

Ahem.. My scene was the second one to be shot so I had Ler and Mr Ang help me snap some behind-the-scene photos. Ken said we did pretty good seeing as only 2 or 3 shots were needed to get our scene perfected hehe. We were all divided into groups and shot at different times. First, the family scene starring the PIC Ken and his family, then our scene which was corporate, then the couple scene. Lerler and her bf Mr Ang were the main characters but they don't really appear till the end of the video.

That's my "client", Leon. Initially, I wanted to do the "friends" scene with my friends but because I brought a blazer, I ended up doing the corporate scene. Still fine with me! 

In case anyone was wondering, the reason why my scene looked kinda awkward was because it was meant to be that way. Leon had to pretend to be over-enthusiastic and shake my hand hard and I was supposed to look uncomfortable haha. The point was to add some humour to the video but I guess you couldn't really get it as the scene moved too fast.. Oh, wells!

Oops, glutton caught on camera. Guilty as charged.. I was hungry ok! There was a short scene where the videographer shot me pretending to "eat" a french fry, did you notice it in the vid? XD
P.S: That's the lady boss in the background with her son! 

Upstairs, we had the two guys who were the gamers and the girls were Ler's friends for the mingling scene. If you realised, the point of the video was to follow the protagonist Ler from the back and see what the cafe offers along the way. It's a breakthrough for Ler I guess, as she's usually so shy. She finally showed her face in the end! *proud*

Ok but I still can't show her face here haha.

The crew hard at work. Just look at how well-prepared and focused they are! See all that video-shooting gear? If you've ever wondered how it looks like behind the camera, well, here's a glimpse haha.

All in all, it was an eye-opening adventure seeing how a commercial comes to life. It's so fun! But of course we're just extras, it'll be more tiring if we were actual actresses. I have a newfound respect for people in the advertising industry now. A minute-long video like this takes 4 hours to shoot and not to mention, more hours put into editing. Kudos to the Infinete Loop team!

So lend them and us your support by clicking on the link and watching the commercial, will ya? It's all our first time acting on screen so do leave your comments what you think about the video and what can be improved. Thank you once again, Uptown Cafe and Infinete Loop for the chance to join in the fun!

UPDATE: This restaurant has ceased operations as of 2015. However, the review will remain on my blog as a form of reference for readers. Thank you.

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