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Tuesday 27 January 2015

CNY Cookies for Sale! (JB Area)

The last two days, I helped out my aunt to bake CNY Cookies to sell. I decided to blog about it and who knows, some of you might be interested to purchase the cookies?

I've loved my aunt's baked goods since I was a kid. She bakes cookies for CNY, cakes for our birthdays, or just randomly tries out new recipes for bread, cakes and other baked goods. Just my luck to live just one street away from her :p I especially love her pineapple tarts and cheese log for Chinese New Year but this year, she'll only be baking these butter cookies and peanut cookies (no photos, sorry)! Still darn yummy, imo.

Selling for RM23 per canister.

Fresh from the oven!

 We spent about 4 hours to bake these. It's 100% pure creamy butter cookies, using kampung eggs somemore! ;p 100% homemade and 100% fresh, because we always believe that commercialised cookies aren't as healthy for you and not as yummy because they don't usually use natural ingredients. Which explains why those cookies have a longer shelf-life right? That's why I'm always a firm believer of trying out home-baked goods.

If you're interested in getting these butter cookies or peanut cookies, do PM me on Facebook or email me at to place your orders. You can also order your birthday cakes from my aunt too! 

In the meantime, Happy Chinese New Year in advance! I'm so excitedddd, are you? :D


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  1. my mum has kitchen aid too! :D but hers is red hehe
    that cookie looks good

    1. Red one is damn nice! Kitchen Aid rocks XD Thanks babe! Help spread the word! :p

  2. May your family HUAT in new year HUAT ah

    1. Thanks Ler, same to you & your family! Huat ah!


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